Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.


About yesterday.
You can't change anything that happened.
You can't pull the words that have been spoken.
You can't erase the mistakes and repeat the excitement that you felt yesterday.

"Let yesterday passed"

About tomorrow.
You don't know what will happen.
You don't know what will you do tomorrow.
You don't probably know tomorrow will be sad or happy.

"Tomorrow hasn't arrived. Let it"

"There's only TODAY"

The door of the past has been closed.
The door of the future  hasn't arrived. 

Focus on yourself for Today.
You can do a lot more these day, if you are able to forgive and let go of your fear about tomorrow.

Live TODAY. 
Because, the PAST and the FUTURE is just an elaborate mind game.

Treat everyone with kindness and respect, although they are behaving badly on you.

Love someone with all your heart, TODAY. 
Because, tomorrow the story has changed. 

Don't let the past makes you weak or the future makes you confuse.

Do your best TODAY!
And do it NOW! 

(Dr. Chicken Soup For The Blue Fame's Soul)

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