The Best Story When I Was 14

So this is gonna be my very best moments when I was 14 since next month I'm no longer 14 because I'm going 15 soon. I wish I could remember each moment forever.

June, 4Th 2011
Announcement of the National Exam

Hari pengumuman kelulusaan, rasanya yang pasti tegang dan super deg-degan. However, I passed it with Fincivor. The result is 100% Lulus! 

June, 12Th 2011
Graduation Day 

We've got training of it during 3 weeks and absolutely with 101 crews of Galaxee Fincivor. Ngga useless kita latihan selama dan secapek itu, wisuda angkatan Fincivor? Succeed!

Anyway selesai Wisuda kita dibagiin Buku Tahunan and guess what!

(Award for Tergalau LOL!)

June, 16Th 2011
Farewell between 7Th, 8Th, and 9Th Grade

It was awesome and really fun. It's gonna be the last time for me in Junior High School. I can't believe it, since that day I'm not Pembangunan Jaya Junior High School's student anymore... 

Time flies quickly eh!

It's also the last time I wore the uniform of Pembangunan Jaya JHS. I passed 3 years in there with smile and tears, with love things and hatefulness, with friends, boyfriend and even ex, with good score and bad score...

I just can't believe it, I will miss them so badly.

Adek-adek kelas gue yang baik dan kadang nyebelin tapi ternyata ngangenin. Guru-guru yang nggak pernah capek buat ceramah dan ngomel tapi omelannya sangat helpful. Makanan kantin yang udah 3 kali diganti-ganti menu-nya. My cheerleaders team, Marbles. Setiap sudut ruangan di sana yang sangat penuh kenangan waktu fell in love for the first time, shaming moments, worrying moments, and found my very first boyfriend in there!

I will never regret passed my junior high school in there.  Definitely the best story when I was 14 in my junior high school :)

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