Never Too Old For Me

The truth is I had a good time with the older guy, no matter how old they are, but two or three years older than me are my favorite.

Well, maybe it's because I'm the oldest child in my family and that's why I'd like to have a conversation with them.

Talk to them is like talk with an encyclopedia, even more than that. I can share anything I know and they always can explore my knowledge with theirs. Such a google but more interesting.

Besides, I'm so excited to talk with them, I also learn something new from them.

I learn something that happened before I was born in this world or something they did before, so I can learn from their mistakes and I know what I supposed to do when I'm in the same condition like they have passed.

I've heard something like, "Books are so much better than people" or "If you don't know something, Google it", but somehow older people is like a combination of books and Google, plus they make everything more make sense and more wiser than books or Google.

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