Kind of My Brand New Day

Since I graduated, I got into University of Indonesia, Faculty of Humanities - Dutch Literature studies. Actually since a very long time ago, I want to study International Relations so bad but the destiny said different. However language, culture, and human are my passion, so I hope it's gonna be the right place for me.

The first thing I did in University of Indonesia since I got accepted is OBM. It stands for "Orientasi Belajar Mahasiswa" and I mostly learning about the academic system, how they study in UI, and stuff. I got new friends and my class is the best part of OBM. They're so fun, so kind, and we've been through OBM for 6 days together.

I continue another activity as a new student on August. There were so many things to do, such as choir, OKK "Orientasi Kehidupan Mahasiswa", PCK "Program Cinta Kampus", and the last but not least PSAF which is the best thing that I experienced since I got into this university.

It's really a brand new day for me. It's not only about new friends and new system of academic, but it's also about new experiences, new things and lessons which excited to be learned.

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