Another Moments To Remember

There was a moment hardly to forget and there are only two reasons for it

It gave you pain and left a scar in your life.


It left you a memory that contain some pains but also smile that could last for a whole day, and tears from hard times or tears of happiness.

It happened a couple weeks ago and this is one of my activities as a freshman in university. This activity called PSA Mabim FIB UI 2014!

It was hard at the first day, but I wasn't the only one who suffered this thing. I was with 900 new friends in this faculty. So we worked together and there were tears of happiness and tiredness everywhere, but indeed it felt so hard at first, but it paid off in the end! 

First day as a first-year Dutch Literature student! It was new, a little bit fun, a lot of excitement, and worry at the same time. I was worry that I couldn't adapt and survive in my new environment, but after a couple of days I found a place where I belong to but at the same time I'm still in the process of adaptation and stuff. So far it was fine :)

It's been two weeks and yes, there were bad times which made me down for a while. However, that's how it should be, this is what people called life.

I don't know how many times you heard that life isn't fair, but for me as long as people think that life isn't fair then it means life is fair enough, because we have the same thought and face the same thing.

So that I'd like to share these moments and cherish it, because after all only this writing and pictures that left...

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