18 Going On 19

18 Going On 19? Yeah that's how I describe my age right now.

I'm 18 years old now and turning 19 on July. I'm not sure if I should be happy or not but when I was little I was waiting the day when I'm considered as an adult because it looks like I could do anything by myself.


That's true anyway, but what I feel right now is so damn different. I feel like, "Wait.. what? I'm 18 and this year I'm 19 years old already? You gotta be kidding me."

I think time flies too fast, next year I'm no longer in a group of 10's but 20's! It's not like I'm not happy with my age right now, but whoaa I never realize how fast it is.

Anyway there's no time to stress over it, life goes on and I'm going to enjoy my precious time for being an-18-year-old-girl :)

So this time I'm going to share how I spent my days when I was 18 before literally turning 19, hope you enjoy!

I turned 18 on July so I already passed those days when I was studying so hard every second of my life to face my National Exam, graduated from High School, and going to one of the best university in my country

All of them happened when I was 17 and I never expect my 18 would be much better because it's my first year in university and I have to adapt with the new environment which is something I hate the most, you know, that awkward feeling, those very new things, and I know it would take so much effort and wouldn't be easy

But this quote proves something,

"Don't expect too much because that too much will hurt you so much."

I never expect something good will happen. Indeed when you're not expecting too much, you won't be disappointed. You'll be more grateful with every little things that happen in your life, and that's what really happened in my 18.

I'm officially become a student in Faculty of Humanities on August and I started my study on September. Surprisingly.. since that month I made so many beautiful memories.


New people, new friends, new personality, that I never met before. I know how I hate to adapt but wait, it turned out really exciting. I met hundred new friends with;

Very different backgrounds

Very different personalities

Even from another countries

From 1 to 20 years older than me

And that's amaaazing. I had conversations that contain the new ways of thinking and my brain had so much fun by finding out so many awesome facts that really exist in this world.


New experiences; as you know being a freshman in university after graduated from a couple months ago... is hard!

That transition made me tired, moving to the apartment and living by myself and my roommate, so far we survived. I passed through those bad times and university life is really challenging. There were also good experiences that I couldn't explain because there are too many but so far those experiences made me stronger than before which is a good thing :)


Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, and stuff.

I have no intention to studying literature at all. I'm a very social person who likes to speak so much and I'm really not an art person who can memorizing things like Vocabulary, but finding me in this faculty and studying literature...

Well that's not that bad, it challenges me to know the new world beside of those rational and logic things, being simple and not overthinking of something is somehow feels so good. As long as I'm good at grammar and stuff, I think I'll survive lol :)



Being together with the same people until 00.00 for a couple months is really unbelievable but great. You didn't know each other very well but the condition said the opposite, not all of those days were great. Some of them were so bad but there was a couple days when I laughed, I smiled, and I was happy even though I have like a dozen problems on that day.. and that happened because of them.

So that's my 18, how's yours? 

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